There’s no better place to experience the love of Jesus than with a group of women you can trust and who are on the same journey as you.

Together, you grow in a relationship with God by diving into His Word, building life-giving relationships, encouraging and supporting each other, and challenging one another to become a little more like Jesus every day. Whatever the season of life you’re in or the challenges you face, we encourage every woman to show up, join in and be real! All of our groups are open to anyone, at any stage of faith, whether you are part of Brooklife or not. We offer three different group types to help find the best fit for you!

Women's Life Groups

Groups of 10-12 women who meet regularly for a year either in someone’s home, at church or online to study God’s word, encourage and challenge each other, pray together and have fun! Women’s Life Groups are closed right now. Hopefully one of our other Women’s Groups work for you!

Mom's Group

Moms can gather at church to share joys and challenges and strive to be the moms God designed them to be. We want to provide a safe place for moms to be able to take some time to step away from “mom duty” to develop relationships and grow in their faith. Childcare is available from birth-5 years. Groups meet on Thursday morning at Brooklife from 9-11am starting January 14. They will be doing two studies this semester. Sign up for one or both!

Sacred Parenting Study: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls | $10
In this six-session video-based study, Gary Thomas uses a unique lens to look at parenting, moving beyond raising great children to becoming more holy as a person. What if one of God’s primary intentions for you as a parent isn’t about successfully raising perfect children, but about you becoming more holy? In Sacred Parenting Gary Thomas illustrates how God can transform lessons in raising children into opportunities to grow in the image of Christ. It will help you and your group, rediscover parenting from a different perspective: as a method of spiritual formation expressly designed by God to shape your soul in ways you could not imagine! This study will help you dig deeper into learning how God can transform dirty diapers, toddler tantrums, and a teenager’s silence into occasions for becoming more like Christ.

Mom Set Free Study:Good News for Moms Who are Tired of Trying to be Good Enough | $15
As moms, we’re under constant pressure. We have to get it right in all areas of life—work, home, family, and faith—because our children’s futures hinge on our ability to perfectly orchestrate the present. But those impossible standards leave us oscillating between worry, fear, anger, and shame. They threaten to steal all the wonder from parenting, life, and our personal relationship with God. In this 7-session study, discover how the gospel message can empower you to parent in the freedom of God’s sovereignty. So that you can breathe deeper, walk lighter, and enjoy your children—and the parenting journey—more than ever before.

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Women's Short-Term Group

Who is Jesus? (a study on the book of Mark)
Thursdays, 6 Weeks Starting January 21
In Person OR Online

Come experience the ministry of Jesus as recorded for a Gentile audience in the book of Mark.  We’ll read the book as it was written, a great story! This study presents the book in a fresh yet ancient arrangement that helps you see the unfolding drama of Scripture more easily. Many distractions have also been eliminated so you can experience the story the way its original authors intended. There are no chapter and verse numbers, no study notes, no cross references or footnotes, and no red letters.

Please select either in-person or online when you register. Cost is $10 with purchase of book. If you are online, we will order your book for pick up at Brooklife or you are welcome to order your own copy here or on Amazon.

We are not offering childcare at Brooklife. However if you are attending in person, we are offering a childcare reimbursement program for parents with children 12 years old and younger. You will receive more information after you register. If you need more information before you register, please contact Liz.

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