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Who is Jesus? One of Many or The One – 2.10.19 – Lance Hagenbeck

By February 10, 2019Messages

Ever since he stepped foot on Earth, Jesus has been surrounded with controversy and questions. In fact, for over 2000 years, people have been wrestling with the question , “Who Is Jesus?” This Sunday, we are going to look at how Jesus stacks up against some of the greatest religious leaders in history and whether or not he differentiates himself from them. Is Jesus just one of the many or is Jesus “The One?”

Small Group Questions

  • As you were growing up, who were some of the people who would have been considered the greatest of all time, or without peer, or in a class all of their own?  What did they do to achieve this status? What separated them from everybody else?
  • Jesus separated himself from other religious leaders in a number of ways.  In your mind, what separates Jesus the most?  Why?
  • In summary, Lance compared Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity on the basis of their founders, their central teachings, their morality, their validating miracles and their deaths. Based on these categories, what makes Christianity utterly unique?
  • If Christianity were so obviously superior to all the other religions, why are there still so many followers of Buddhism or Islam? Why do so many non-Christian faiths continue to grow in numbers?
  • With which aspects of Christianity do your non-believing friends have the greatest struggle? How did Sunday’s message help you see that?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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