The mission of Men’s Groups is to see men come to know, follow, and grow in Christ and become better husbands, fathers, sons and friends. We develop relationships that help encourage and challenge men in every season of life.
All men are welcome!

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val•or (n)  /ˈvalər/
1) The qualities of a hero 2) Courage and boldness 3) Determination in facing danger

The goal of Valor Men’s Groups is to encourage men towards being men of valor in all areas of their lives. Meetings include fellowship with others, conversations on life, Bible study, sharing of prayers and praises and opportunities to serve others. Email Larry with any questions.

Men’s Valor Thursday Morning
Meets weekly from 6:30-8:00am.

Men’s Valor Thursday Night
Meets weekly from 6:30-8:00 pm.

God in America Study
Join us starting January 14 for a 12 week study, God in America. This study explores the historical role of religion in the public life of the United States and examines the potent and complex interaction between religion and democracy, the origins of the American concept of religious liberty, and the controversial evolution of that ideal in the nation’s courts and political arena. “The American story cannot be fully understood without understanding the country’s religious history,” says series executive producer Michael Sullivan. “By examining that history, God in America will offer viewers a fresh, revealing, and challenging portrait of the country.” No need to register…just show up!