Under God? – 10.18.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we start a very, very important series called “Under God”. Our country is falling apart, and I’m pretty sure I know why. The questions that comes to mind are: Are we too late to save it? Do we have any hope? Is there any difference we can make? What is Jesus’ role in fixing it? What, if anything, can the church do? I believe there is much that can be done.

Vision Sunday – 10.11.20 – Rob Pilant

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Last Sunday, we shared with you our theme for this year, “Be The Difference!” In order for us to fulfill the dream God has given us to be a place for everyone to experience Jesus’ love, find life-giving relationships and pursue their God-given purpose, each of us has to Be The Difference. But, it can’t be something we should do. If it’s something we should do, we’ll lose our motivation. It must be something we’re inspired to do. I want to talk this Sunday about the kind of inspiration that can truly lead to us fulfilling God’s dream for you and for Brooklife.

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Enter In – 9.27.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we end our series, Enter In, with the hard question of “How much does Jesus really mean to us?” We will be both inspired and convicted by the story of a man who lived a life filled with God’s presence and a willingness to give his life for God. We need Jesus more than we could ever imagine, and He is worthy of more of our worship than we will ever be able to give, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t do our absolute best to honor Him the way He deserves to be honored.

Enter In – 9.13.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we start a new series called “Enter In”. We want to know what it means to truly experience the presence of God in our lives. Going to church, singing songs, listening to a talk, and even doing what Jesus says is not enough. We need more. We need God!

Hello Neighbor – 9.6.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we finish up our series, “Hello Neighbor”! I hope you have big Labor Day fun planned, and I hope one of the priorities of the weekend is joining us online as we worship our great God together! This Sunday, God has led me to talk about God’s heart and how it effects the way we love our neighbors. It’ll be both inspiring and convicting.

Hello Neighbor – Rob Pilant – 8.30.20

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This Sunday, we continue our “Hello Neighbor” series, where we are exploring what it means to truly shine brightly in this world. When I watched the Mr. Roger’s movie where Tom Hanks played Mr. Rogers, he displayed a characteristic that so imitates Jesus that I think it definitely made Jesus smile. If you want to shine brightly and truly show your neighbor the love of Jesus, this character trait is a must!