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Adventus Domini – 11.28.21 – Rob Pilant

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When we left last Sunday to embark on this Thanksgiving week and revel in God’s goodness to us, we had no idea the tragedy that would be awaiting us only a short time later. Such needless loss of life. Such personification of evil in our world. Why? I don’t think there will ever be an adequate explanation. Where do we go from here? Well, we find our hope, our strength, our future not in this world but in the Kingdom of God. This Sunday, I want us to see how Jesus saw all of this coming and, instead of sitting on the sidelines and just watching it happen, has been present and active and working to make all things new. In the midst of life in the evil world, we still have reason for a Thanksgiving Day and a Merry Christmas.

Pull the Blinds – 11.21.21 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we wrap up our series “Pull The Blinds” with the thought of exactly what do we do now that we have been exposed to the pain and struggles. How do we lament with those who are hurting? How much of our lives needs to be dedicated to helping heal this type of wound?

Pull the Blinds – 11.7.21 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we start our new series, “Pull The Blinds”. With the craziness of this world, it’s easy to just decide to hide in our homes with the blinds closed and ignore it. But as followers of Jesus, we are called to bring His love and peace into this crazy world. This week, we take another step into that call by finding out about the pain and hurt that exists in the hearts of people of color. Kurt Owens from UFlourish Church will be joining me as we talk through this tough issue and begin steps to bring the love of Jesus to bear on this divide.

Gone Fishing -10.31.21 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we wrap up our series, “Gone Fishing,” where we have been looking the life of Jonah. Last week was incredible because Jonah obeyed God and over 120,000 people turned to God! It really seems like last week should have been the end of the story, but unfortunately, it’s not. This last part of Jonah’s story is an essential warning to us all; one that if we miss, we truly will miss everything.

Gone Fishing – 10.17.21 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we continue our series about Jonah called “Gone Fishing”. God told Jonah to go tell the people of Nineveh about God and their need to turn to Him, but Jonah told God, “No!” Jonah ran away from God, but God came running after him. God caught him, and now, we get to see what God’s up to and how Jonah responds. So much in this story from which we need to learn!

Awaken the Wonder – 9.26.21 – Rob Pilant

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Awaken The Wonder! What an amazing direction God has given us for this next year. We need more of God! And, we need to Wake Up to the fact that He is everywhere to be found. One of the key ways to making that happen is to be “Filled with the Spirit”. What does that even mean?