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What Difference Does Christmas Make? – 11.29.20 – Rob Pilant

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope tomorrow is an amazing day to revel in how good God has been to you! I know it might not look like some other of your favorite Thanksgivings, but it is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice in it, because He is with us and He is good! Then after celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll join us as we start our Christmas celebration on Sunday!

The Church Just Wants Your Money – 11.22.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we continue our tongue-in-cheek series called “The Church Just Wants Your Money”. I do think some churches might, but we do not want something from you. We want something for you! Jesus shares an observation with His disciples that truly challenges our human way of thinking about money. Jesus comes from a totally different perspective, and His perspective changes everything!

The Church Just Wants Your Money – 11.15.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we start a new series called, “The Church Just Wants Your Money!” We thought, “Why beat around the bush? Let’s just say it!” It’s not true, but I think it’s how a lot of people feel when churches talk about money. But at Brooklife, we don’t want something from you. We want something for you. And the reason we are talking about money is because it was the topic Jesus talked about most because money is a huge stumbling block between you and God.

Under God? – 11.8.20 – Rob Pilant

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Well, the election is over…sort of…not really. I think we all hoped it would be over by now, but it has become clear that we are not even close. And even when the election finally is over, it’s really not going to be over. So how do we move on from here? What do we do with this world in craziness? This last message in our Under God series might just be the most important thing you need to hear. In fact, for most of us, it is.

Under God? – 11.1.20 – Rob Pilant

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With the election coming up next week, it brings incredible relevance to what we’re talking about this Sunday. We know that in order for our country to once again be a nation “Under God”, it’s going to be because the church led the way. This Sunday, we dig into how to make it happen.

Under God? – 10.25.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we continue our series, “Under God”. Last week, we saw that, while our country was founded by predominantly Christians, it has now slipped into a post-Christian country. We can make a difference through the power of God. The big question is how?

Under God? – 10.18.20 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we start a very, very important series called “Under God”. Our country is falling apart, and I’m pretty sure I know why. The questions that comes to mind are: Are we too late to save it? Do we have any hope? Is there any difference we can make? What is Jesus’ role in fixing it? What, if anything, can the church do? I believe there is much that can be done.

Vision Sunday – 10.11.20 – Rob Pilant

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Last Sunday, we shared with you our theme for this year, “Be The Difference!” In order for us to fulfill the dream God has given us to be a place for everyone to experience Jesus’ love, find life-giving relationships and pursue their God-given purpose, each of us has to Be The Difference. But, it can’t be something we should do. If it’s something we should do, we’ll lose our motivation. It must be something we’re inspired to do. I want to talk this Sunday about the kind of inspiration that can truly lead to us fulfilling God’s dream for you and for Brooklife.

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