At Brooklife, our dream is to become…

A Place for Everyone
to experience the love of Jesus.
to find life-giving relationships.
to pursue God-given purpose.

Our priorities flow out of our dream…

Inspiring Worship Services

We are to do whatever it takes to help people find life in Christ. As a result, we will take risks, be innovative and not be afraid to fail in order that we may most effectively speak to an ever-changing society. We must relate to people in a way that they understand so that they can experience the new life Christ offers.

Dynamic Small Group Environments

We believe that true transformation only occurs in an authentic community. It is not enough to simply attend church on Sunday morning. God wants us to “do life together.” This happens best in the context of smaller communities. It is in these smaller communities that people are real with each other. They are places where we refuse to hide from each other but instead share our joys, struggles, doubts and questions. Together we pray for, encourage and challenge each other to be more like Christ.

The Next Generation

God has called us to not only reach the next generation but empower them to change the world around them. We believe that kids and students are not just the future of the church; they are the church. Thus, we will do whatever it takes to bring them into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes equipping parents on how to spiritually nurture their children.


If the church does not serve the community, it should close its doors.  We are called to be a “city on a hill”, a place of hope and refuge.  Thus, we must look beyond ourselves to serve the people outside the walls of the church.  This is what it means to love our neighbor.  Our neighbor also includes those whom everybody else ignores: the poor, the forgotten and the hopeless. We will be a church that serves our community with compassion, understanding that Jesus says that He will judge His church based on what we do for the “least of these.”

Leadership Development

We believe that we must multiply ourselves at every level. At the individual level, we will be intentional about multiplying leaders, staff and disciples. At the ministry level, we will seek to reproduce all of our ministries on a regular basis. At the church level, we will begin a church planting movement locally, nationally and internationally.